Annotate and catalogue the web

Powerful assistive technologies for research and education.

Annotate the web

The Sceptiq Assistant augments web pages and PDF documents to take your research to a whole new level. Select arbitrary text and create highlights that are persisted to your library and restored whenever you visit the document again. Create sticky notes to help remember digested content.

Look up definitions

Highlight a word or phrase and open the definition tool to look up the meaning of a word, idiom or concept without ever leaving the tab or interrupting your flow. Sceptiq sources definitions from Wordnik, Wikipedia and the Duck Duck Go search engine, with more following soon.

Easily locate your content

Effortlessly find the content you seek using Sceptiq's powerful search tool. Formulate simple text queries to quickly retrieve items from highlighted text, annotations and various other data points. For greater depth and fine-grained control, combine the many search operators available.

Hierarchical folder structure

Create multiple folder hierarchies to organise your library in a way that is most convenient and intuitive to you. Being unique to you, folder hierarchies allow you to organise your library to facilitate browsing and speedy identification of content.

Share annotations on Twitter

Invite collaboration and debate on interesting topics through sharing your annotations on social media. The Sceptiq Assistant lets you capture an area of the screen in a few easy steps and automatically embed it as a picture in a tweet.

Alternatively, save the screenshot as a picture on your computer and upload it elsewhere.

While we only support Twitter at the moment, we are working hard to provide support for more social media services.