1. Get the Sceptiq Browser Assistant

Install the Sceptiq browser assistant to support creation of highlights and annotations.

After you download the Sceptiq browser assistant, you'll find the Sceptiq button in your browser toolbar. This button opens the assistant's popup where you sign in to Sceptiq.

Get the extension for your browser.

Get Sceptiq Browser Assistant Free

2. Join our beta programme

Get your own personal library for all your content of interest and annotations.

Sign up for our private beta programme and wait for an invite to create an account. Once you've created your account, head over to the Sceptiq assistant and sign in. You can now save webpages, highlights and annotations to your library, and do much more!

3. Explore your personal library

Start annotating interesting content as you surf the web.

Your library is the repository for all your content. Create folders for the topics you are interested in and start filling them with webpages enriched by highlights, sticky notes, comments and metadata.